Default Home Layout example.

This example/demo page is written in Default Home Page Layout.
This is the layout we have used to create Home, About, Icons, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions pages.

How to use

// import PageLayout from components
import { ..., PageLayout, ... } from "../../../src/components";
const Article = () => {
return (
// pass home as shown
<PageLayout home>
{/* Start writing your article here */}
export default Article;

The above code block gives you a demo on how to use the layout. If you want to see this in action check this article file
home-layout.tsx in pages/tutorial.


This layout is full width, you can create full width sections using this layout.

Full width section example.
For any any queries related to this project / template feel free to connect with us at You can also post any comments on our github discussions.

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